Xcaret Park, Mexico

Xcaret Park, Mexico

Close to our hotel was natural park Xcaret - a big park in jungles on the beach. There lives a lot of animals and you can also swim in underground rivers.

Parrots are greeting us on the entrance.


There are a lot of parrots here, actually. They are sitting on almost every corner.


Green parrots are eating something.

Green parrots
What's interesting is that all parrots are free and sitting outside, when all the other birds are closed in special aviary. Probably parrots don't want to leave :)

Bird, looks like a turkey.



There are three rivers in the park where you can swim in the stylish pink life-west. One of them is completely underground, the rest are mixed.
Swimming river

Mountain lion is hiding in the trees.

Mountain lion in the trees

Manatees are swimming in the big pool. For an additional fee you can swim with them, but there were no volounters.


Sea turtle in the aquarium.

Sea turtle

And more turtles in the bay. As far as I understood - they are breeding these turtles here in the park.

Many turtles

Stingrays. You can swim with them too, for additional fee.


And sharks. Yes, it’s possible to swim with them too. But again, no volounteers :)

Nurse sharks

Raccoons are sleeping.

Sleeping raccoon
There is also a butterflies park there - a special closed building where the temperature is high and it's very wet. But apparently butterflies like that kind of weather :)

Butterflies are feed fruits and asked not to be touched.

Eating butterflies
Eating butterfly

There are flocks of them flying around, but I didn’t manage to catch on in the fly on my camera.


And in the end we took a ride in a small boat in another river.

Boat in the river