Nerja, Spain

Nerja, Spain

Nerja is a city east of Malaga. Main sigthseeings here are ancient caves and Balcon de Europa.

View on the Balcon de Europa.

Balcon de Europa

Path to the balcony.

Balcon de Europa
Soap bubbles

Calahonda beach on the left side of the balcony.

Playa de la Calahonda, Nerja
Sunset at Playa de la Calahonda

On the right side there’s another small beach, there are even some people willing to swim.

Beach next to Balcon de Europa

Fishermen (or contrabandists) are leaving to the sea.


The water is clear.

Mediterranean sea

Not far away from the balcony there’s one more small beach - Playa del Carabeo.

Playa del Carabeo

Mediterranean sea.

Blue sky of Nerja

You can walk stairs to the neighboring beach.

Stairs to another beach

City view.


Burriana beach.

Playa Burriana

There are dates growing on the streets.

Date palm on the streets of Nerja
Date palm

And cats sleeping.

Mural and sleeping cat

In the evening we had dinner at Cubano-Spanish cafe.

Julies & Valeri's cuban cafe

Next day we went to see the Caves of Nerja.

Caves of Nerja
These caves were discovered in 60-ies and since than there are some archeological studies going on. Part of the caves is open for public visits. According to scientists, there were ancient people living here around 10 000 years ago.
Caves of Nerja
Caves of Nerja

Not far away from caves there is an old aqueduct - Puente del Águila. It was built in 19th century to provide water for a sugar mill nearby.

Aqueduct in Nerja