Madrid - Day 1

Madrid - Day 1

We planned to spent our entire Eastern holidays in Malaga. The cheapest way to get there from Dusseldorf was flight to Madrid and then drive to Malaga. But later we decided to stay in Madrid for a few days and see it.
At about 1 PM we landed in Madrid-Barajas, terminal 4 - one of the biggest airport terminals in the world.


Luggage belts.


Strange constructions.


Because we decided to stay in Madrid so late it was cheaper to leave the rental car on a parking lot near to the airport instead of changing the booking. Car pick-up point was in Terminal 1 and there is a free shuttle bus between terminals.
We took the car from parking lot and drove to another parking lot in a hotel nearby, which was only 17 EUR for 2 days. In Madrid parking costs around 25-30 EUR per day. And we couldn't find a cheap hotel in Madrid center with free parking.

Our room in the hotel in the city center. DSC00740

View from the windows. DSC00741

After a bit of rest in the hotel we went for a walk. Our route looked something like this: from hotel to Plaza Major, lunch there. Then visit Almudena Cathedral and Royal Palace. Tapas in the evening and new Captain America moview at night.


Plaza Mayor.


There were a lot of cafes and restaurants on the square, we chose the one whith most people - Museo del Jamon.


Tiny dog.

DSC00759 DSC00763

Street name plates.

DSC00768 DSC00786

San Miguel Church.

DSC00770 DSC00773

Scrum Pub for the people who love Agile methodologies.


Sacramento Church.


Almudena Cathedral is next to the royal armory.

DSC00784 DSC00787

Grandiose building.

DSC00792 DSC00794

Stained-glass windows.

DSC00795 DSC00811 DSC00807 DSC00808 DSC00820

Next to the cathedral is the royal palace - Palacio Real de Madrid. It is the official residence of the spanish royalty, but Juan Carlos I does not live there at the moment.

DSC00817 DSC00822 DSC00828

Entree fee is 10 EUR, there are a lot of fancy rooms, rococo-baroque, all the stuff. But it is not allowed to take pictures inside.

DSC00838 DSC00836

Palace park.


Royal bench.


Spaniards are taking a break on the benches.


Skinny dog is running around.



Opera house.


Small fountain.

DSC00882 DSC00885

Lots of green.