Grand Palladium, Mexico

Grand Palladium, Mexico

Our big vacation in 2016 started from All-Inclusive hotel in Mexico - Grand Palladium Colonial.
Deck chairs at the pool

Jacuzzi in the swimming pool.

Jacuzzi inside of the pool

One of the two main pools.

One of two main pools

There are banana palms growing next to our house.

Fresh bananas near to our house

Around the pool there are some canals in which you can swim in a canoe.

Paddling canal around the pools

Houses on the water.

Small villas by the waterfront

There’s a pool with sea water.

Sea water pool

Caribbean sea.

Calm caribbean sea


Sunny day at the beach

There are hammacks between the palms on the beach.

Hammocks at the beach
Deck chairs at the beach

Every evening there was a night show by local animation team.

Night show in the hotel
Night show in the hotel
But the most interesting thing in this hotel is a whole zoo of wild animals, walking freely around the territory.

Once we met a snake.


Iguanas are sitting on every corner.

Iguana at the pool

Aguti - small rats, looking more like rabbit, are often seen here.


Coatis (another specie of raccoons) are running around and begging for food.

Lots of coatis
Even more coatis

In the evening raccoons are coming out for food hunt.

Raccoon is looking for some food

Also begging food from the guests.

Raccoon is begging for some food

Next to the pool sits a bird.

A bird

In the pound next to lobby there are pink flamingos living.


Geckos are hiding in the street lightning.

Tiny gecko hiding in the lamp

And squirrel is running around the beach.

Squirrel at the beach